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Adv. Manufacturing-Composites Technology/ Advanced Materials
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James Russell
Certificate comprises a series of courses that combine classroom and laboratory experience which focus on the study of composite and advanced composite materials and structures. Introduction will include a brief history of composites. Emphasis is placed on composite terminology, adherence to laboratory safety rules, quality assurance, and strict conformance to directions. Courses within this series include 39 credits of Common Courses offered in colleges throughout Washington, and cover topics that include Precision Measurement, Blueprint Reading, Composite Molding and Tooling, Non-Destructive Testing and Repair, Bonding and Fastening, Safety, and Career Readiness.  Students also complete coursework in English Composition, Industrial First Aid, and Human Relations.
Skill Sets
At completion of certificate, student will successfully:
1. Operate tools and equipment safely
2. Handle, store, and use composite materials safely
3. Understand physical properties of various composite materials
4. Produce various types of composite structures
5. Demonstrate ability to critically assess damage and successfully repair composite structures
6. Apply various types of catalyzed coatings and paints
7. Demonstrate an understanding of composite terminology with the ability to define, utilize, and explain composite terms.
8. Compose detailed reports of laboratory experiments.
9. Evaluate composites builds completed by self and class members.
10. Successfully vacuum bag multiple composite projects.
11. Successfully construct composite projects both individually and as a member of a group.
12. Demonstrate an understanding of matrix materials: resins and fiber reinforcements.
13. Demonstrate an understanding of unique properties of composite reinforcement fibers.
14. Demonstrate an understanding of basic design considerations for composite structures.
15. Complete an individual- and a group- capstone project that requires planning, design, budgeting, fabrication and finish, quality assurance, and reporting.

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