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This is an ongoing list of Washington’s community and technical colleges that have aerospace and advanced manufacturing programs. Each listing details credits, program descriptions, skill sets (as taught in each program), contact information, and graduation dates.

Aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry companies can contact the community and technical college nearest to them and speak directly to an instructor about graduating students.

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Machine Technology AAS
Award Type
03/21/16, 06/15/16
Anticipated Graduates
Mike Clifton
CNC Machining
Precision Machining

Program Mission: The Machine Technology AAS degree prepares students to be well positioned to begin a career in the machine trades by gaining basic machining competencies.

Skill Sets

Machine Technology AAS degree graduates will:

1. Be prepared with skills to perform entry-level CNC machining and manual machining.

2. Gain a thorough grounding in shop theory and applied math; perform CAD/CAM programming and manual programming.

3. Combine manual and CNC skills to produce a capstone project of complex parts.

4. Demonstrate math and communication skills; set up and operate machine tools with a minimum of supervision.

5. Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, intercultural appreciation, information and technical literacy, and communication.

6. Meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution area outcomes.

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