Veterans often have deep hands-on experience that can easily be transferred into a new career in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Veteran Success

Regina Rollis a veteran of the Air force  went into manufacturing as a 2nd career.

Veterans in Manufacturing

Regina Rollis is a former flyer in the Air Force Reserves who became interested in designing aircraft interiors. She took a Composites Program at Spokane Community College and now works as a planner at AeroComposites. She hopes this career will lead her into her ultimate goal of designing a space station.

“Veterans have years of experience behind them in machining as well as maintenance,” said Veterans Coordinator with Air Washington, Bill Noland. He added, “They are a perfect match for employers in our state.” Through the 20 million dollar Air Washington grant 2011-2015, they were able to work with close to 500 veterans in Washington to retrain in new careers following military service.

At the same time, there are opportunities for women in manufacturing from assembly through design, development and engineering.

“In Washington State, we have a really unique opportunity to engage in manufacturing because there is so much of the manufacturing ecosystem that exists right here,” said Christina Lomasney, president of Modumetal.

Veteran Community and Technical College Resource

If you are currently in the military and thinking of getting out, there will be options for you provided by your branch of service. If you’d like to do some research on Community and Technical College programs available in Washington, view our Recent Graduates Tool for a full-listing of programs by college, city or type of program. You can call the college program representative directly to find out more about a program. Good luck!