Introduction to Paid Internships in Washington

Washington state has a number of paid internship options for students in aerospace and advanced manufacturing. This information is published on this page. In the short-term, the COE will roll-out a new website that will make it easier for employers to post internships and for students to find them and apply.

Contact the COE with questions about this program.

Paid Internships in Washington State in the Aerospace Industry

Current Internship Opportunities

Company: Boeing

Location: Assigned to a Boeing site in Auburn, Puyallup, Renton, Kent, Bellevue, Tukwila, Seattle or Everett

Timeframe: Summer 2017

Status: Paid Internships

Student Age: 18, with high school diploma

Helpful Material for Students: In this material, you will find interview tips, qualifications, how to apply, and why this is a good way to get started in the aerospace industry.

Student Development Program Presentation (PDF)
Internships Flyer (PDF)

Other internships

MechaWA Employer Internship Handbook (PDF)