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From Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Programs

This tool is meant to make hiring easier for Washington’s aerospace and advanced manufacturing companies.

This is an ongoing list of Washington’s community and technical colleges that have aerospace and advanced manufacturing programs. Each listing details credits, program descriptions, skill sets (as taught in each program), contact information, and graduation dates.

Aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry companies can contact the community and technical college nearest to them and speak directly to an instructor about graduating students.


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Manufacturing Technology CR
Award Type
Certificate of Recognition
03/18/16, 06/17/16
Anticipated Graduates
Brian Petty
CNC Machining

This certificate is designed for the manual machining incumbent worker to expand job skills to include entry level manufacturing skills in Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

Skill Sets

1. Work effectively in a manufacturing environment.
2. Participate and contribute to the effectiveness of teams.
3. Use basic communication skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening) to meet the needs of the workplace.
4. Gather, interpret, and use data consistently and accurately to make decisions and take action.
5. Contribute to the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment.
6. Apply technology to operate and contribute to business and manufacturing systems.
7. Take responsibility for his/her actions and decisions, adapt to change, and update his/her skills, knowledge, and attitudes to meet new challenges.

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