EASA Certification

If you are pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance or manufacturing, you might consider certification with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They are the European counterpart to the United State's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This certification can lead to opportunities in aviation in broader geographic locations as well as in Washington. 

Additional information (PDF documents )

EASA Flyer

EASA Brochure

EASA Supplement (PDF documents )

The purpose of this supplement is to provide information on the EASA application process to people in the aircraft maintenance industry. 

Testing for certification

If you are ready to test, please go to the following website to learn more: 

Key Contacts 

Gus Musante
Aviation Training Manager
Dan Moore
Big Bend Community College
Aviation Instructor
Phil Vick
Clover Park Technical College
Aviation Instructor
Dave Bennett
South Seattle College
Aviation Instructor
Raymond Thomas
Spokane Community College
Aviation Instructor