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Top tips for hiring

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR THE 10 BEST TIPS FOR FINDING YOUR NEXT MANUFACTURING EMPLOYEES The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing is a hiring resource for Washington employers. Here are some tips gleaned over the years through our interactions with industry and educational groups. #1. Post your jobs on our website – We communicate directly with our community and technical college deans and instructors about available jobs. They can share these jobs with their students, and graduates, so that they can apply for these positions. It’s a win-win! #2. Check out recent graduates from our community...

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How to insure a UAV

By: Joe Ernster Bullock Agency, Inc. White paper: Insurance for Commercial UAS Operations – Demystifying UAS Insurance Coverage Where to Start When first starting out as a commercial UAV operator, many business owners and pilots do not know where to begin to locate an insurance provider. Many “standard” insurance companies do not insure, and may specifically exclude, UAS from their policies. In order to properly insure your commercial UAV operations, the best organizations to contact are aviation specific insurance companies. Aviation specific insurance companies use brokers to quote, sell, and service their policies. So, the first step in...

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Passionate “Professor” Inspires Next Generation of Manufacturing Technicians

By Jennifer Ferrero, APR Former boxer turned entrepreneur, George Foreman once said, “Filling a need is not merely good business; it’s a basic attitude towards life. If you see a need, do whatever you can to meet that need.” Former Boeing employee, Pat Pritchard is an example of putting this into practice. Pritchard, who worked for Boeing in Facilities, and in a variety of machine maintenance roles, knew a lot about how to manage systems, and fix machines when they were broken. With a desire to use that knowledge to help others to serve in a similar capacity, Pritchard...

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WISE (more detail)

Navigation Process – Implement Student Education and Career Navigation Navigators will link support services, education/training providers, career and industry information, and employment opportunities; serve clean energy, advanced manufacturing and construction industries; and assist 1,992 adults including dislocated workers, veterans (and spouses), women, minorities. Work Ready Washington – WISE establishes testing sites at partner colleges, Workforce Development Councils, and WorkSource offices. These sites will offer ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC®) – a nationally recognized credential that validates a skilled labor workforce within the community – to support Work Ready Washington. Lifelong Learning Loop – Today’s workforce requires constant learning. The consortium creates a lifelong learning loop for workers to earn certificates, associate and bachelor degrees. Stacked and latticed credentials and pathways accelerate the time for workers to return to employment in family wage jobs. Based on previous skills, gaps in education, and career interests, participants will find employment in internships, customer service positions, entry level technical jobs and skilled trade apprenticeships. The project builds capacity in existing pre-apprenticeship programs aligned with clean energy, advanced manufacturing and construction apprenticeships. Based on apprenticeship entry standards, programs will result in graduates earning certifications and associate degrees making them strongly competitive for selection into apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a proven pathway for workers to enter living wage careers. WISE identified apprenticeship pathways with one or more opportunity indicators: Strong growth trades demanding large...

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COE Attending Paris Air Show

The Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing is a part of a Department of Commerce delegation at the 2017 Paris Air Show, “More than 70 individuals representing 18 aerospace-related companies and 14 of Washington’s ports, counties, schools, aerospace and economic development organizations are exhibiting, presenting and doing business at the world’s premier aerospace and space trade show, held every two years,” Department of Commerce news release. Department of Commerce - Press...

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