Month: June 2015

New Reports / White Papers to Order – Composites and Annual Reports

These free reports provide detail about the emerging composites workforce as well as a summary report of annual activities by the Center of Excellence across aerospace and advanced manufacturing in Washington State. Advanced Manufacturing: Composites Report This 2015 publication entitled, “Advanced Manufacturing: Understanding the needs of the emerging composites workforce,” was commissioned by the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing so that we could understand trends in the composites job market. Prepared by Sally Zeiger Hanson M.ED. Workforce Research Associate, the report features: Background on the composites industry Occupations and employers Skills gaps Training and certification options Future projections Comments about soft skills for the industry Order the Composites Report today! Center of Excellence: Annual Report The 2015 Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Annual Report encompasses the initiatives, milestones and partnerships of the organization. Highlights include: Key events and activities Partnerships and accomplishments Community and Technical College participation in relevant areas WorkReady WA Defense and commercial aerospace growth Mechatronics Department of Labor WISE Grant detail Employment trends and tracking Order the Annual Report...

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Summer reading – Guiding students toward careers in aerospace/manufacturing

The Center of Excellence has some great publications that can be used with youth who are making career pathway decisions – or for adults retraining into new careers. Order them now so that you can be up on careers in aerospace and advanced manufacturing to share with students in the fall. There are job opportunities with great growth potential in Washington! Resource Guide  A comprehensive 70+ page book covering the following topics: Washington State Centers of Excellence Why careers in aerospace and advanced manufacturing Career options and pay Veterans and women in these careers High school and skills center options Career...

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