Month: July 2014

High school aerospace manufacturing program inspires

By Jennifer Ferrero Communications Consultant The teens in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing program at Spokane Valley Tech are unfazed by the fact that it is summer and they are in school. In reality, they are relishing in the opportunity to learn how to weld, rivet, and use heavy machinery to build Boeing kits and metal-based projects this summer. The 2.5 week program, offered in two sessions this summer (for free) by a consortium of Spokane Valley school districts is a hot topic for students who want to get ahead. But more than that, it’s kids like Erin, a junior in high school who said she simply likes hands on work, “I like working with metal.” Erin feels that there are no barriers to her entering a career in aerospace and manufacturing if she chooses. “If you have the skill, it would be easy,” she noted. Scott Oakshott, director of Spokane Valley Tech is enthusiastic about the opportunities the two-year old school offers. In the fall, they are looking at having three sessions of 18 students each in this program through school day and after school programs at the school. Both Oakshott and Mark Bitz, an instructor in the program noted that it’s not only students taking notice – but the local business community as well. Oakshott said, “We had about 200 business people through here last year to work with...

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Global Aerospace Opportunities Abound at Farnborough

By Jennifer Ferrero Communications Consultant Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Our Executive Director, Mary Kaye Bredeson is attending the Farnborough International Air Show July 14-20 with a Washington state delegation led by Governor Inslee. Bredeson has attended the bi-annual air show in the past and has made powerful associations with European businesses for the benefit of our community and technical colleges and for our aerospace industry. The air show hosts thousands of worldwide guests for a week of immersion in: Aerospace futures – education, STEM, academia, programs Civil and commercial orders – product orders placed Defense orders Intelligent systems – robotics Space exploration Through Governor Inslee’s blog, he is sharing daily updates of activities. Farnborough publishes an online version of a daily interactive magazine called FIRST, check it out. The delegation from the Governor’s office is a part of Choose Washington, whose booth is pictured: View a video just released from the Washington Department of Commerce regarding Washington’s key involvement in aviation. Look for an update on outcomes when Bredeson returns from the air...

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